Episode 53: The Deer Hunter (1978)

The Deer Hunter (1978) depicts the horror of war, how it corrodes the soul of men when innocent soldiers are forced in to playing Russian Roulette, which is something that never actually happened in the Vietnam war, so it’s a metaphor I guess? I don’t know. You get to see Robert De Niro’s penis.

Episode 58: The Gold Rush (1925)

That’s right, we’re talking about it. You didn’t think we would, but here we are. We don’t avoid talking about things just because it’s hard. Colleen and Michael are THE world’s NUMBER ONE PODCASTERS. Don’t you forget it punk.

Episode 59: Nashville (1975)

It’s possible we were not sober during this episode. No bro call this week due to technical issues. Also the movie is just not very good. I’m trying to think of something positive I could say about this episode…. uh…. OH YEAH JEFF GOLDBLUM! Nice.