About The Podcast

The premise is simple – a brother and sister watch the American Film Institute Top 100 Films, starting from 100 and working our way back. We are not people who have ever studied film or even had a particularly keen eye – we just kind of like them. We review them as non-experts in every respect – we watch them blind and do zero research.

About Our Team

Michael Flaherty – Michael is a lover of movies and the sea, but mostly the sea. His adventures take him far and wide, and he’s a lover of comedy. He also inexplicably enjoys the Phantom Menace and will actually defend Jar Jar Binks.

Colleen Flaherty – I’m a millennial, technically. I have a lot of opinions, although some might say they come unsolicited and unsubstantiated. When it comes to movies, I’m as basic as they come. My favorite film is the Godfather, and you know what? Titanic is great. It gets me.

Sam (AKA Our research arm) – Sam is awesome. That is all.

John Flaherty – John is our older brother. He was in no way consulted in the creation of this podcast.